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A Powerful Force

The American Legion


American Legion Emblem

The 4 Pillars

The American Legion was founded upon four pillars of service in 1919. These four pillars shape our work and what we do for America. We pledge ourselves to...

Our Veterans

Veteran Officers

Through our organizations we work tirelessly towards:

  • Access to VA Care

  • Support for Veterans with Special Needs

  • A GI Bill for a New Century

  • Heroes to Hometowns

  • Final Respects

  • Better Funding Formula

  • Employment & Business

  • Volunteering

Children & Youth

Through our efforts, we work to protect our youth from:

  • Catastrophic Illness

  • Exploitation

  • Media Violence

  • Drug Abuse

And we help aid programs that promote assistance with:

  • Family Integrity

  • Immunization

Military Mother and Daughter


Three Children in Uniforms

Our organization supports and protects the history & sanctity of the United States of America through:

  • Flag Protection

  • Voter Registration & Participation

  • The Pledge of Allegiance

  • Boy Scouts

  • Establishment-Clause Lawsuits

  • Illegal Immigration

National Security

Our organization aids in programs & leadership that help maintain:

  • Strong National Defense

  • Homeland Security

  • Full Accounting of POW/MIAs

  • Military Quality of Life

  • Foreign Relations

  • Operation Comfort Warriors

Security Guard

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