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Our Legacy


Old Town Hastings Minnesota

Established in 1919, the Nelson-Lucking Post #47 stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of service and camaraderie. From its humble beginnings in the Masonic Building on the Northeast corner of Sibley and East 3rd Street, to the cherished club rooms on the third floor of the old post office building, our journey is steeped in history and pride.

In 1956, we laid the cornerstone of our current building, a place that not only houses our memories but also serves as a beacon of our commitment to the community. Over the years, this structure has seen additions in 1964 and 1979.

The outdoor patio demonstrates our dedication to creating a welcoming environment. Built in 2005, this area offers a panoramic view of the Mississippi River, and Memorial plagues line the lower walls upon which it was built.

As we reflect on our past and look to the future, we are reminded of why the American Legion exists - to uphold the values of service, patriotism, and mutual support.

It is in this spirit that we continue to honor our history, strengthen our bonds, and serve our community with unwavering dedication.

Riverside View of the Hastings American Legion

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